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Victor Yerrid with Michael Oosterom (left), Colleen Smith (right) and the cast of Stuffed and Unstrung.

Victor Yerrid is a puppeteer who has worked on many Jim Henson Company projects and is a founding member of the company's Puppet Up! improv troupe and has performed on stage in Puppet Up! - Uncensored and Stuffed and Unstrung. Yerrid also performs the Weasel on the Henson Alternative game show Late Night Liars. Recently, he has been a performer for Neil's Puppet Dreams.

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Victor Yerrid is an actor and puppeteer who likes calling people "Hank" regardless of their name. His credits include The Producers, Team America, Just Like Heaven, Men In Black II, Angel, Crank Yankers, Robot Chicken, Drawn Together, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, Greg The Bunny, Sesame Street, Between The Lions, and Bear in the Big Blue House. Victor enjoys most berry-based smoothies and adores his wife Janet.[1]



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