Sandra White (née Jakoby) is the hidden antagonist of The Happytime Murders.


She is a client who asks Phil Phillips to investigate a case for her. She has been getting blackmail notes from a mysterious person. The notes threaten to reveal her secret if she doesn't pay the blackmailer $350,000. Her secret is that she is a Sexual Ima, which means, "If Ima get next to it, Ima gonna f*** it." While Phil investigates, the cast members of The Happytime Gang are getting murdered by a mysterious person.

Near the end of the film, it is revealed that Sandra killed the puppets so she could see Phil suffer payback. She wanted revenge on Phil because twelve years ago when Sandra was a kid, Phil tried to shoot a puppet thug that was holding Connie Edwards at gunpoint, but he missed and accidentally shot Sandra's father, Jasper Jacoby, killing him. Back in the present after Edwards breaks Phil out of jail (Sandra lied and said Phil was the murderer), they catch her at the airport with all the money and was holding Edwards at gunpoint, putting her and Phil in the same position as before. Phil saved Edwards by trying to take the shoot again. This time he didn't miss his target, as he shot Sandra in the head. This killed her instantly.

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