The Jim Henson Company's Puppet Up! - Uncensored is a one-hour special showcasing the Jim Henson Company's Puppet Up! - Uncensored improv show. Two live shows of Puppet Up! were filmed at the Comedy Festival in Las Vegas on November 15, 2006 and edited to make the one-hour special, which first aired on TBS on November 20, 2006.

The special was rebroadcast on TBS on November 13, 2007 and February 13, 2008.

Puppet Up! - Uncensored was rated TV-MA due to "strong or coarse language".


Picture Game Description
Puppet Up TV 1
Opening Song The entire "Puppet Up!" cast comes out with their puppets up and singing a song about how it's time for "Puppet Up!" and how they often "f*ck it up" but are here to "crack you up".

Julianne Buescher (Piddles)
Tyler Bunch (Fish)
Brian Henson (Mr. Guy)
Ted Michaels (Weasel)
Drew Massey (Squirrel)
Paul Rugg (Koala)
Allan Trautman (Possum)
Victor Yerrid (Warthog)
Puppet Up TV 2
Introduction As the cast is uncovered, Patrick Bristow is introduced to explain the show. He explains that everything will be made up on the spot – often based on audience suggestions. He explains that the only reason he wouldn’t take a suggestion is because they've already done it in a past show, and don't like to repeat themselves. He also explains that although the puppeteers are looking at monitors, it is so they can frame the puppets from the camera, not so they can get jokes from writers backstage.

Brian Henson (Mr. Guy)
Patrick Bristow (himself)
Puppet Up TV 3
Foreign Lecture:
Where Babies Come From
An armadillo brings an expert to talk to Boy Scout and Brownie troops on where babies come from. The expert, however, speaks Nicaraguan/Spanish (in "gibberish") which has to be translated by the armadillo.

Julianne Buescher (Weasel as "Lucille Carez Carisca")
Victor Yerrid (Armadillo)
Puppet Up TV 4
Eye Witnesses:
George Michael used the handicap stall
Two wild old men give their eye witnesses report of when they caught George Michael going in the handicap stall of the public bathroom. The two breakout singing Michael's "Faith".

Brian Henson (Old Man)
Paul Rugg (Old Man as "Harvey")
Aotkt puppetup Film Pitch:
"Poop v. Attack of the Killer Tourists"
Two pitch men, Berg and Henry, are sent to pitch a new film titled "Poop v. Attack of the Killer Tourists" to a big Hollywood Executive. The film is a musical, so Henry sings a bit from one of the songs.

Ted Michaels (Armadillo as "Berg")
Drew Massey (Beaver as "Henry")
Allan Trautman (Green Crab as the Studio Executive)
Puppet Up TV 6
The Hotdogs:
Playing Quarters
A group of hotdogs plays quarters, the drinking game. But trouble arises when one hotdog (performed by Brian Henson) loses an arm.

Julianne Buescher (Hot Dog)
Tyler Bunch (Hot Dog)
Brian Henson (Hot Dog)
Ted Michaels (Hot Dog)
Drew Massey (Hot Dog)
Paul Rugg (Hot Dog)
Allan Trautman (Hot Dog)
Victor Yerrid (Hot Dog)
Puppet Up TV 7
Bedtime Story:
"The Man Who Shot the Dog"
A father tells his two excitable sons Dillon and Harry their favorite story - "The Man Who Shot the Dog". However the two sons keep interrupting their father. The story includes Dick Chaney's brain, yellow daisies, and a reincarnation from Buddha (complete with the "Buddha Song").

Paul Rugg (Koala as "Harry")
Allan Trautman (Professor Ape as the father)
Victor Yerrid (boy as "Dillon")
Puppet Up TV 9
A Dump in Jacksonville, Florida
A scene, set in a dump in Jacksonville, Florida, shows the drama of Jeffery leaving his wife for Billy (and his trampoline). The scene is stopped and repeated 3 times at the request of an irate director - normally, once adding more "blah, blah, blah" and again adding more rage.

Julianne Buescher (mouse)
Ted Michaels (Weasel as "Jeffery")
Brian Henson (Goat as "Billy")
Paul Rugg (Frenchy as the director)
The Intellectual Salon:
Forrest Gump and Existentialism
Four characters in an intellectual salon talk about "Forrest Gump" in terms of existentialism. The group pretentiously reads deep into symbolism - including the shedding of the leg braces, the contrast of the chocolate against the white suit, and the historical connotations of Gump's journey. The warthog asserts the film is about nothing, while saying nothing himself (but with dramatic pauses).

Julianne Buescher (Piddles)
Brian Henson (warthog)
Ted Michaels (squirrel)
Allan Trautman (Professor Ape)
SeigfriedNew Choice Game:
Working at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden
Two guys working at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden yell to Roy in his blimp above. However each time Bristow says "new choice" the performer have the change the last line they said.

Brian Henson (aardvark)
Paul Rugg: (superhero)
CatchthattrainGame Show:
"Try to Catch that Train"
Three contestants compete in train related trivia to win on the game show "Try to Catch that Train". The snooty and energetic host kicks the contestants off one-by-one when they get an answers "wrong". The sketch ends on a dark note as the turtle hangs himself after the host suggested that he go kill himself.

Tyler Bunch (turtle as "Darwin")
Paul Rugg (Frenchy as the host)
Allan Trautman (crab as "Brain Ernest")
Victor Yerrid (aardvark as "Lennard")
Puppet Up TV 12
News Cast:
Raining Cats
A news caster, Dick Hardschmedley, talks with a reporter in the field about a breaking story - it is raining cats. The reporter asks locals to "tell me what happened, and make it entertaining". It is soon revealed that the whole event is just the result of alien experiments.

Julianne Buescher (Leopard Girl as a "Raining Cat")
Brian Henson (Al the Alien as "Martin")
Ted Michaels (creature as "Furry Weird Guy from Earth")
Drew Massey (Mr. Guy as "Dick Hardschmedley")
Paul Rugg (Caveman as "Richard")
Puppet Up TV 13
Fake Boobs
In a big improvised muscial number, a man and woman sing about their support of fake boobs, while a monkey and giant stone figure sing about their dislike of fake boobs.

Julianne Buescher (Girl as "Sylvia")
Tyler Bunch (Monkey)
Drew Massey (Punu the Tiki God)
Victor Yerrid (Nerd boy as "Georgie")
Finale puppetupClosing Song

The entire "Puppet Up!" cast comes out to singing the show out with a closing song. The song is a reprise of the opening song, although this time they remind viewers this wasn't just a "dirty puppet show" and don't blame them for going blue because in fact all the suggestions "came from you".

Julianne Buescher (Piddles)
Tyler Bunch (Monkey)
Brian Henson (Goat)
Ted Michaels (Weasel)
Drew Massey (Punu the Tiki God)
Paul Rugg (Koala)
Allan Trautman (Opossum)
Victor Yerrid (Nerd boy)



Puppet Up TV Cast
Performers: Brian Henson, Julianne Buescher, Tyler Bunch, Ted Michaels, Drew Massey, Paul Rugg, Allan Trautman and Victor Yerrid.
Host and Director: Patrick Bristow
Executive-producers: Brian Henson and Lisa Henson
Producers: Martin Baker and Eric Poticha.
Director: Greg V. Fera
Musical Director & Keyboards: Willie Etra

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