FROM Puppet Up!
PERFORMER Julianne Buescher

Piddles is a diaper-wearing dog character performed and created by Julianne Buescher that emerged from The Jim Henson Company's Puppet Up! - Uncensored stage show. The puppet displays an impish charm and, on occasion, uncontrollable gas. Piddles is one of the few recurring characters to grow out of the Puppet Up! improv show.

Working off of a design by Buescher for a diaper-clad Pug, Jane Gootnick found a Dog City extra in storage and mended and re-dressed it for the role. The puppet itself had also previously been used as Pavlov the Pug Dog in The Animal Show. Jim Formanek (of the Jim Henson Company) named the pooch after seeing Julianne's first character drawing.[1]

Buescher commented on the character, stating, "I love Piddles... so innocent but so filthy and dark."[2]

Piddles often appears in various improv games and sketches. All Puppet Up! shows originally opened with Mr. Guy (performed by Brian Henson) with his dog Piddles (Piddles is often replaced by other characters when Buescher is not performing). Mr. Guy often confuses Piddles' gender, occasionally saying "good girl" only to quickly correct himself to say "boy". Piddles typically displays high levels of charm and intelligence, sweetly countering with low levels of innocent immaturity - reflected in a hilarious fixation with poop and an endlessly full diaper.

Piddles was featured on several pieces of Puppet Up! merchandise, with the caption "Hug Me or I'll Poop!" ... and appeared with Cee Lo Green on the 2011 Grammy awards.

The puppet for Piddles later appeared singing with a turtle in the Neil's Puppet Dreams episode "Bollywood," and most recently appeared in The Happytime Murders.


  • Piddles' dog tag (made by Buescher) reads "Piddles, 555-7667" (or 555-POOP).


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