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No, You Shut Up! logo for Season One.

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No, You Shut Up! logo for Season Two.

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No, You Shut Up! logo for Season Three and Four.


Paul F. Tompkins with Matt Rosenberg, Billy Cabrito, "Grunt," and Bierstin Krakov.

No, You Shut Up! is a Henson Alternative series that aired on Friday nights at 9:30pm ET on Fusion. The show is a satire of "hard-hitting" weekly public affairs discussion programs. The half hour news/comedy show was created by David Javerbaum (former writer and producer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart).

On May 2, 2016, the show's host Paul F. Tompkins announced on his official website that the show had stopped production a quarter into its fourth season.[1]


The show features Paul F. Tompkins and a panel of puppets (played by different Miskreant Puppets) and occasional celebrity guests debating about the different issues of the day from their unique perspective until they get too angry to discuss them any further.


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