FROM The Happytime Murders age: Hair colour: Black

Lyle was an actor on The Happytime Gang who played a sports coach and became a powerful drug lord in the movie The Happytime Murders.

Appearance Edit

He had purple skin and a black mustache and beard. When he was working on The Happytime Gang, he had a black afro, but after the show he became bald.

The Happytime Gang Edit

Much like his character, Lyle was very athletic, and could do several pushups with Koala on his back. According to Phil Phillips, Lyle was the "straight arrow" of the group; yet despite this he still ended up on the wrong side of the law at times, especially when he would party with Goofer (whom he could not "keep up with"). Other than this, he did seem to genuinely love and care about his fellow cast mates and always saw the best in them.
Happytime Gang

A young Lyle with hair on The Happytime Gang

Post Happytime Gang Edit

After the cancellation of The Happytime Gang, Lyle's wife, Loretta divorced him and took custody of their children. The divorce lead to him blowing all his money from the show "on penny pie and fruity glitter." He came to open up an auto repair shop, but this could have just been a cover up for his drug cartel. Despite hanging out with a lot of thugs, criminals and overall jerks, Lyle still maintained a heart of gold, and was more level-headed than his cronies.

Death Edit

When Phil Phillips and Connie Edwards came to question Lyle about The Happytime Murders, Lyle isn't very welcoming of Connie because humans weren't allowed in the puppet-exclusive gang. When Phil explains that Connie isn't all human due to having a puppet liver, Lyle tests this by having Connie snort some purple sugar. At first the sugar appears to have killed Connie, causing Lyle to express remorse to Phil, only for Connie to bounce back wanting more, much to Lyle's delight.

While Connie participates in a card game with the other thugs. Phil and Lyle go out back to talk about the murders. During this conversation, Lyle treats Phil like a friend by opening up to him about his struggles after the show ended, and even mourns Larry with him. All of a sudden, a mysterious black car pulls up. Phil asks if the people in the car were "friends of (Lyle's)." To which Lyle replies, "they're not friends of mine." No sooner does he say this than a drive-by shooting ensues between Lyle's gang and the people in the car, resulting in the deaths of both Lyle and two of his cronies.

Trivia Edit

  • Lyle appeared to have been very close to the Phillips brothers both during and after The Happytime Gang. Evidence of this includes; Lyle being aware of Larry's "bleach job" and saying that the latter was a good person even after this physical change, as well as him being very brotherly and welcoming towards Phil despite Phil bringing a cop into his headquarters.
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