Horny Aliens

The Horny Aliens are a trio of extra-terrestrial puppets freatured in The Jim Henson Company's Puppet Up! - Uncensored stage show. Two of the aliens feature one bulbus eye on the top of their head, while the third is a two-eyed creature of matching design.

In their skits, these creatures often converse in monotone voices, grunting, perveted comments, and parroting of others' speech. They've often been features in such skits as "Pretty Girl and the Aliens," "Aliens in America," and sometimes as backup dancers for musical games.

The three alien puppets were previously used as the Koozbanians in the Jim Henson Company's 1993 television series CityKids.

The aliens were featured on several pieces of Puppet Up! merchandise, often with the caption "Hot Alien Love."

One of the one-eyed aliens appeared in No, You Shut Up! as Yerd Nerp (performed by Drew Massey), an alien from an unnamed planet who is a political activist, an immigration reformer, and the author of "Zeep Zop Zoop: My American Story." In "Shut Up, 2013!," the two-eyed alien was used for Flerd Glerp who used to be in the comedy duo with Yerd Nerp before their planet went into a civil war.


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