Drew Massey is an actor, puppeteer, and voice artist. He appeared in such films as Forgetting Sarah MarshallMen in Black I and IIThe Producers, Doctor Dolittle, and Cats & Dogs. Massey has performed on television in Community, Greg the BunnyMalcolm in the Middle, Muppets Tonight, and Crank Yankers. He has also puppeteered in commercials for Sony (as Plato, the blue alien) and Levi’s (as Flat Eric), but is most known for as the driving chicken in the Foster Farms Chicken commercials.

Massey draws really well, loves animals, and helped create some of the many puppets featured in Puppet Up! - Uncensored.[1] He also voiced Sid in Sid the Science Kid. In the Over the Hedge video game, he voiced Verne.

Recently, Massey puppeteered in all webisodes of Neil's Puppet Dreams and in The Happytime Murders.



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