FROM Late Night Buffet and
Del's Vegas Comedy Binge
PERFORMER Bill Barretta

Delbert Kastle, also known as Del, is the co-host of Late Night Buffet with Augie and Del, and the star of Del's Vegas Comedy Binge. A native New Yorker, Kastle is a fan of Wayne Newton, football and a good beet. He is an budding comedy efficienato, and (along with his pal Augustus Pfiffle) an aspiring talk show host.

Being a live-hand puppet, Bill Barretta is assisted in performing Delbert Kastle by Michelan Sisti (during the Late Night Buffet pilots).

Del co-hosted two pilot episodes of the unaired talk show Late Night Buffet for TBS - interviewing such stars as Kathy Najimy, Hal Sparks, Fred Willard and Kaitlin Olson. Augie and Del appeared in a specially-produced video greeting shown at Comic-Con in 2006 to promote Late Night Buffet. In the video it was revealed that Del drives an SUV with a broken navigation system.

While Augie and Del's talk show was not picked-up, Del went on to headline Del's Vegas Comedy Binge for In the five episode webseries, Del explored the 2007 Comedy Festival in Las Vegas - meeting such stars as Wayne Newton, Frank Caliendo, and Bill Engvall.