Alison Mork Unretouched headshot capture 9-16-11.png

Alison Mork is a puppeteer who has worked in a variety of Henson Company productions. Mork appeared as a member of the Puppet Up! - Uncensored improv troup in their shows at the Avalon in Hollywood and performs with Stuffed and Unstrung. She also performed characters in the Henson Alternative webseries Alt/Reality.

Other Henson credits include Animal Jam, Bear in the Big Blue House, CityKids, Telling Stories with Tomie DePaola, and Sesame Street. Other puppeteering credits include Pee-wee's Playhouse, The Puzzle Place, Between the Lions, Crank Yankers, Greg the Bunny, Hollow Man, and Team America: World Police.

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